• Doron Alter

The best alternative to BigID

Updated: Oct 22


Customers choose Purpose for its simplicity, super fast setup and flexible pricing.

If you’re looking for a cloud data protection discovery solution as a part of your data privacy compliance efforts, you might be considering BigID. After interviewing many BigID customers, we learned that the biggest frustration for customers is that the solution creates so much work for them that they are working more for the solution than the solution works for them.

When we developed Purpose, we wanted to avoid all the pitfalls that lead to this unfortunate customer experience. We broke down customers' feedback to the following key points:


BigID is agent-based. Customers need to map all the servers in their organization and install agents on them. This manual mapping is time consuming, can take months, and makes customers work for the solution instead of the solution working for them.

Further, installing agents on your servers (especially production servers) puts your SLA and security at a great risk, and creates a lot of maintenance work.

Purpose is agentless: It takes minutes to install and once installed, Purpose auto-discovers all the data in your organization cloud, and therefore works for you and shows you information that you don’t necessarily already know.


BigID has a big price tag, which is a big barrier for most customers. This is not a “you get what you pay for” situation: The reason for the high price is their direct sales model and long sale cycles.

Purpose is a cloud service that’s made to be self-serve and therefore can offer flexible pricing. You only pay for what you actually use and the end result is faster compliance at a much lower cost. This makes data privacy compliance much more accessible and affordable for everyone.

In fact - you can even start for FREE!


BigID is a very technical tool and many of their customers actually dedicate a full-time employee time as ”the person in charge of using BigID”. The problem is that most DPOs aren’t technical.

Purpose is a super simple cloud data protection solution that requires zero technical skills. It’s as simple as running an antivirus program and using Google search.


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